Maud Vinet


Institution: CEA-INAC
Title: Scientific staff (CEA-LETI senior research engineer, LICL Lab Director)
Location: France
Phone: +33 (0)



Dr Maud Vinet is from CEA-Leti. She is located Grenoble and is in charge of the Advanced CMOS Laboratory.
She received her Ph.D. in Physics 2001 from Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble.
She  joined  Leti  in  2001  as  a  device  engineer.  Her  research  has  been  focused  on  improving  MOS  transistors  performance together with scaling its dimension.
In 2009, she joined IBM Alliance in Albany as a Leti assignee to take part to the development of FDSOI. Within Albany  state-of-the-art  facilities,  she  extensively  worked  on  device  design  and  performance  improvement  of  FDSOI devices.

In 2013, she became Manager of the Advanced CMOS Laboratory in Leti. On one hand the labo
ratory pursues conventional  scaling  through  improved  electrostatics  and  transport  properties.  On  the  other  hand  focus  is  made  on  alternative  paths  to  conventional  scaling  either  by  stacking  CMOS  over  CMOS  in  a  monolithic  3D  integration  or  by  adding  beyond  CMOS  devices  (Tunnel  FET,  Single  Electron  Transistor,  nano-mechanical switches) to CMOS to develop a hybrid logic with an optimized cost-energy efficiency trade-off.

Maud Vinet authored or co-authored about 120 papers (conferences and journals) and owns 40 patents related to  nanotechnology.  From  2007  to  2009  and  from  2013  and  2015,  she  was  a  member  of  the  technical
committee of the SOI conference. In 2010 she was in the technical committee of VLSI
-SoC. She is an appointed member of the Nanoscience Foundation (France). She received the Young Researcher Award at the SSDM Conference in Tokyo in 2004.

She co-authored the SOI Best  Paper  Award  2004,  ECS  Best  Poster  Award  2008,  ICICDT  Best  Student  Paper  Award  2008,  IEDM  Best
Student Paper Award, 2009, Best Paper award in SOI conference 2011, ESSDERC Best Paper Award 2012.