Dr. Marco De Michielis


Institution: CNR-IMM Italy
Title: Temporary Researcher (CNR-MDM),WP5 Leader
Location: Italy
Phone: +39 039-6036540
E-mail: marco.demichielis@mdm.imm.cnr.it
Website: http://www.mdm.imm.cnr.it/person/3631



Dr. Marco De Michielis is a post-doc fellow at the MDM Lab. He received his PhD degree in electronic engineering at the University of Udine and at INP Grenoble in 2009. He has experience in modeling and simulation of low-dimensional devices for ultimate nano-electronics and quantum computation.

He worked and partially developed simulators based on Full Configuration Interaction methods, Density Functional methods, k*p techniques, Constant Interaction models and Monte Carlo techniques. In his career, he also had experience in static and dynamic electrical characterization of MOSFET devices at room temperatures. Marco De Michielis has published more than 20 technical papers in the area of computational electronics and quantum computation.