Dr. Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba

Institution: HIT
Title: Scientific staff (HIT senior researcher), WP3 Leader
Location: UK
Phone: +44 1223 44 29 16
E-mail: mg507@cam.ac.uk
Website: http://www.hit.phy.cam.ac.uk/Members/Gonzalez-Zalba/



Dr. M. Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba is a Research Scientist at the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory. He joined HCL after receiving his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2013.
During his PhD he worked on developing high-frequency techniques to detect single atom impurities in silicon nano-structures (e.g. Nano Letters 14(10), 5672 (2014)).

He continued to work in silicon nano-structures after joining HCL, where he is investigating state-of-the-art silicon nanowire transistors in the framework of the FP7 program TOLOP (Agreement No. 318397), co-manages the project and leads one of the work packages.

He recently demonstrated a gate-based charge sensor for silicon QIP which operates at unprecedented levels of sensitivity (Nature Comm. 6, 6084 (2015).

hit-fernando-gonzalez-work1  hit-fernando-gonzalez-work2-tocgraphic