Elena Ferraro

Scientific staff ( CNR-IMM Post doc)

Elena Ferraro obtained her PhD in Physics with a thesis titled “Spin systems in fermionic and bosonic environment” from University of Palermo in 2010, where she also received the Laurea degree in Theoretical Physics in 2006. She joined CNR-IMM-Agrate Unit in march 2012 as a temporary research scientist in the field of quantum computation with silicon devices and constructions of simple quantum logical gates. Her research activity is focused on: modelization and analysis of silicon qubit architectures in order to exploit the potentiality of the CMOS technology for the development of quantum technologies; derivation of effective Hamiltonian models in the framework of silicon quantum dots and donors systems for quantum computation; construction of quantum logical gates for one and two qubits through search genetic algorithms. She is author of more than 20 papers, referee of international journals and has presented contributed talks in several international conferences.