Andrey Shchepetov

Institution: VTT Finland
Title: Scientific staff (VTT researcher)
Location: Finland
Phone: +358 401 835 985




Dr. Andrey Shchepetov received his MSc degrees from Saratov State University in 2003, University Paris 5 in 2004 and University of Lille in 2005.

He obtained PhD degree in Microelectronics at the Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology of Lille (France) in 2008. After joining VTT in February 2009 he worked on several fundamental and applied research topics including Si nanodevices, graphene development methods, thin film structures and energy management systems.

He achieved several world state-of-the-art results such as: ultrathin free-standing silicon membranes with controlled stress which became a versatile platform for various physical studies (thermal, mechanical); piezoelectric based vibrational energy harvester with world leading power density and unique wide-band response. His expertise and responsibilities include device design, cleanroom process development, process integration, device fabrication and characterisation, electron beam lithography and process equipment maintenance. His research results have led to over 20 publications in scientific journals.