Claudio Bruschini


Institution: EPFL Swiss
Title: Scientific staff ( EPFL, Assistant Professor)
Location: Swiss
Phone: +41 21 69 54344



Claudio Bruschini holds an MSc in high energy physics from the University of Genova and a PhD in Applied Sciences from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). He started his career with INFN (Italy, 1993), in the WA92 CERN collaboration (particle physics), and then moved to CERN as a Fellow in the European GP-MIMD2 project, attached to the NA48 collaboration (particle physics, parallel programming, 1994-1995).

He then started his close collaboration with EPFL, first in the DeTeC (Demining Technology Center) project (sensors for landmine detection/humanitarian demining, 1996-1997). After DeTeC’s end, he started the first of a series of fruitful collaborations with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) on humanitarian demining related R&D (1998). This was followed by the EUDEM survey project (The European Union in Humanitarian Demining, 1998), the EUDEM2 three year EC sponsored support measure (, 2001-2004), and the DELVE support action (, 2007).

In parallel he started working within the EPFL’s AQUA group (Advanced Quantum Architectures, Edoardo Charbon), on topics as diverse as ultrasonic sensors for in-air application, optical 3D and high speed 2D sensing, sensor networks, or tracking/motion capture systems, in particular for the preparation of research projects. This culminated in the European MEGAFRAME (, FP6, 2006-2010) and SPADnet (, FP7, 2010-ongoing) projects, coordinated by EPFL-AQUA. As from 2009 he is also working with Dario Floreano on the management of the CURVACE Curved Artificial Compound Eyes FP7 project (, 2009-ongoing), coordinated by EPFL-LIS. He is also active with CHUV (Lausanne) on a CTI project devoted to the development of a new hand-held standalone tool for tracer-guided medical procedures.