Anasua Chatterjee


Institution: UCL UK
Title: PhD student (UCL)
Location: UK




I’m originally from India, but I got my bachelor’s degree in Physics from Princeton University in the US and am now a PhD student at UCL.

Though I’d known for quite a long time that I wanted to do physics, I became interested in experimental Condensed Matter as an undergraduate, and worked in a nanoscale research lab for three years. At UCL I’m continuing my research into nanoscale and device physics, most recently coupling quantum dots to donor atoms in silicon for quantum information.

The interdisciplinary community at UCL, and access to the London Centre for Nanotechnology, has led to many enjoyable collaborations with other nanoscale researchers. Condensed matter physics has many unique challenges that I enjoy, such as working with cryogens, engineering extremely small devices, and especially the non-intuitiveness of physics at low temperatures (and of course, liquid nitrogen ice cream!).