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Phonon-induced relaxation and decoherence times of the hybrid qubit in silicon quantum dots
E. Ferraro, M. Fanciulli, M. De Michielis
arXiv:1904.01852. Link

Gate fidelity comparison in semiconducting spin qubit implementations affected by control noises
E. Ferraro, M. Fanciulli, M. De Michielis
arXiv:1806.07597. Link

Coherence time analysis in semiconducting hybrid qubit under realistic experimental conditions
E. Ferraro, M. Fanciulli, M. De Michielis
arXiv:1806.05448. Link

Electrical spin driving by g-matrix modulation in spin-orbit qubits
Alessandro Crippa, Romain Maurand, Léo Bourdet, Dharmraj Kotekar-Patil, Anthony Amisse, Xavier Jehl, Marc Sanquer, Romain Laviéville, Heorhii Bohuslavskyi, Louis Hutin, Sylvain Barraud, Maud Vinet, Yann-Michel Niquet, Silvano De Franceschi.
arXiv:1710.08690. Link

Electrically driven electron spin resonance mediated by spin-orbit coupling in a silicon quantum dot
Andrea Corna, Leeo Bourdet, Romain Maurand, Alessandro Crippa, Dharmraj Kotekar-Patil, Heorhii Bohuslavskyi, Romain Lavieville, Louis Hutin, Sylvain Barraud, Xavier Jehl, Maud Vinet, Silvano De Franceschi, Yann-Michel Niquet, Marc Sanquer.

Controlled-NOT gate sequences for mixed spin qubit architectures in a noisy environment
E. Ferraro, M. Fanciulli, M. De Michielis.
arXiv:1611.09069. Link