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MOS-QUITO School on Quantum Computing

(Hughes Hall, Cambridge, 11 September 2019)

The school was organized in concomitance with the Conference on Silicon Quantum Information Processing, which gathers leading researchers from the field of silicon-based quantum information and from the quantum information community in general. Among the leading topics of the conference:

• Silicon nanodevices and qubit implementations
• Qubits and nanodevices based on semiconductor-superconductor hybrids
• Circuit quantum electrodynamics interfaced with spins in semiconductors
• Scalable architectures and fabrication processes
• Improving immunity to environmental noise
• Machine control for quantum systems
• Cryogenic electronics for quantum computing


The scope of the School was to discuss state-of-the-art advances in quantum computing platforms, enabling technology such as cryogenic CMOS, and quantum error correction.